Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pretty Dresses Update!

I received the pattern for "Pretty Dresses" in the mail yesterday! As I read through it, I came to the patterns for the dress and the dress form... and, dun-dun-dun... There was a big, bold "DO NOT COPY!" message on each of the pages that I needed to be able to copy for you! I decided to do the right thing and I contacted the creator of the pattern and ask for her permission to copy the necessary pages for my quilting group!

This afternoon I got her reply:

Hi Mardie,
Thank you for your email -- and thank you for respecting my copyrights! :-) Yes, you have my permission to copy my Pretty Dresses pattern for distribution within your quilt swap group. Have fun!
By the way -- you didn't happen to live in Sunnyvale, Calif around 1988 did you, while your husband was in medical school? I knew a Mardie Tobler at church, way back then.
Teri Christopherson
Black Mountain Quilts

Can you believe it? "What a small world" is an understatement here! Boy, was I glad that I chose to be honest about using the pattern! 

Anyway, now I can put together the tutorial and get it posted for you. I am excited to have heard from some of you who are already choosing some colors for the dress you want to make! Let me know what you are thinking of and we can all plan around that!

I'm so excited!


  1. Neat story! I'm super excited now that I have my (your) fabrics washed and ready to go.