Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pretty Little Dresses all in a Row!

First of all, look at the fabulous work space that Gareth and I created together! The cutting table is tall, like my kitchen counters and the sewing table is lower, so that the sewing plain is just where I want it! I painted the room a light gray and the turquoise and pink salmon are so bright and cheerful in there. I could spend my whole day up there! (Sometimes I do!)

Pretty Dresses Instructions: Permission to use pattern from Black Mountain Quilts

       You will receive the following in the mail:
a.     Instructions
b.     1 strip of brown fabric for the dress form
c.     Patterns for the dress form and the dress
d.     4 strips of patterned fabric for the border around your block

           You will need the following:
a.     Kona white
b.     ¼” ribbon for waist band
c.     Fabric for dress
d.     Glue stick
e.     Thread to match the brown dress form and the dress

                Cut one 8 ½” X 10 ½” rectangle from Kona white.

         Cut 1 dress form from the brown fabric.I find it very useful to tape down the pattern instead of using pins for this.

    Cut 1 dress from your choice of dress fabric. You will need about 6 1/2” X 7” of fabric for the dress.

    Cut a strip of ¼” ribbon for the waistband. Cut it long enough to wrap around the back on both ends/sides. 
(I recommend a bit  more than the picture shows. It will be more secure & easier to "wrap".)
.        Fold your white fabric vertically in half to place the dress form in the middle of the rectangle, about 1 ¼” inches from bottom and top. Equidistant: top to bottom and side to side. *If your dress form is visible through your dress fabric, then cut away the dress form behind the dress.

    Using small amounts of the glue stick, glue the dress form into place. 

       Using a blanket stitch (hopefully you have one on your machine), or a small zigzag, or even by hand, with matching thread, sew the edges of the dress form top and bottom that will show when the dress is placed. I just sewed a line down the pole to secure it.

       Glue the ribbon onto the waistband back.

         Glue the dress on the dress form. Make sure the dress covers the edges of the top of the dress form. 
The dress form should peek out like a neckline. 
Using the blanket stitch, with matching thread, stitch around the dress, securing the ribbon as you go around.

        By hand, secure the waistband ribbon down with blind stitches.

        This is just like playing with paper dolls!

           Sew the border strips that you received in your package onto the dress block.  They go together kind of like a “log cabin” wrapping around the block.

a.     Sew all strips on using ¼” seams
b.     Sew the 1 ½” X 8 ½” strip to the bottom of the block, pressing toward the strip, away from the block
c.     Sew the 1 ½” X 11 ½” strip to the right side of the block, press
d.     Sew the 1 ½” X 9 ½” strip to the top of the block, press
e.     Sew the 1 ½” X 12 ½” strip to the left side of the block, press.

       Whoa! Makes my eyes go funny to look at it. Sorry, it’s blurry!

 Do not trim. I’ll do that.


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  1. This will be SOOO fun! Your dresses are adorable.