Friday, July 20, 2012


I know a few of you said you didn't have the templates.  I scanned in mine and emailed it to Jen. Let me know if you need it emailed!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

favorite flavor


This was fun.  I hope it doesn't melt on it's way to you!

Happy summer!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Preparing to Quilt

take note:
Are YOU quilting the RIGHT way?
I sooooo am not! When it's July and triple temps, I'm lucky to sew fully clothed! ha!

I saw this on cluck cluck sew's blog and couldn't resist sharing.  (and she got it from facebook so I can repost it, right???)

triple scoops

This was such a fun square to make, Sarah! 
Great minds think alike-I kept my flavors together like my mom (and we used the same butter yellow background, hope that's ok!)

 Today's flavors are (all served on gourmet swirl waffle cones):
rocky road, chocolate m&m, and Georgia mud fudge
cherry vanilla, coconut, and vanilla bean
strawberry fudge swirl, Bear Lake raspberry, and strawberry banana
ps- i replaced my photos on Teriney's square, my phone photo skills are really lacking lately. sorry!

Two Squares for 12squared

One for Teriney...

One for Sarah!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

june + 5 days

It's already July??

I was another victim of June procrastination. I couldn't get it together.
Then this morning, I wasn't feeling well and was finally able to sit down and finish this square.

 I hope you like it, Teriney! It went together much faster than I thought it would.  However, I have decided that paper piecing turns me into a huge fabric waster! I had to cut a whole new strip of kona to supplement. Was I the only one that ran out??
Happy July! Here's to timely quilting! :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sugar Grandma

When Sarah and I were growing up, our Grandma Seal never failed to have a cookie jar full of cookies, a freezer full of Popsicles and the most dainty crystal dishes filled with hard candies to satisfy her grandchildren's sweet tooths.  I have happy memories of Easter egg hunt spoils, Halloween bag loot, and Christmas stocking stashes wildly traded on the floor of Grandma's upstairs hallway with all the rowdy cousins.  We call her our sugar grandma.  So, to honor her in this sugary square, I used fabric from the pocket of one of her old aprons-- one she surely sewed herself and used while making sweet treats for Sarah and my moms! 

I couldn't help but adorn the special scoop with a cherry on top!

I gravitated toward fabrics that looked like they had sprinkles on them-- which meant a lot of polka dots! 
Like Camie, I too adore polka dots.

I was stumped as to what to use for the cone.  But, my mother-in-law saved the day by proving the "waffle cone" fabric from her awesome stash.  It is really nice living next door to someone who so generously shares her extensive fabric collection!

Hope you like it, Sarah!
P.S.  The colors are a little off because I took the pictures at night... I just couldn't wait!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A few days late...but finally done!

Lateness is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. So,  it's with MUCH shame that I'm sending this off a few days LATE. My appologies!
 Much love,

For Teriney Love, Jen

Dear Teriney,

My square is late.
My excuse is summer brain.
Do you ever have a day (or week, or month) where you just know you do not have the mental capacity to read quilting instructions?
Well, that was me in the month of June.
In the end, this square ended up being fun to sew.
I hope you like it as much as I.

Love You Girl,


PS I lacked fabric with birds or quirk. I think I am becoming a plain jane in my fabric selection. I did add some of my ALL TIME favorite patterns.

Monday, July 2, 2012


I am back in town and am ready to get sewing! Unfortunately, I haven't received the "scoop" and "cone".

Green, Green, Where You Been?

Dear Teriney, 
So sorry for the tardiness of my square.  Hopefully, the spare squares I'm sending your way for your last year's quilt will make up for it a little .



This was a really fun block.  I probably should've waited to see everyone else's before diving in but I'm sort of an eager beaver so I couldn't wait.  I am realizing over and over again each month that I'm not as daring as I'd like to be when putting fabrics together.  I love chambray so I used that as my background and as much as I tried to use a pattern for the cone I just kept going back to the solid.  My ten-year-old agreed that the solid looked best with what we were working with.  As you can see, my very favorite pattern is polka dot.  I just can't ever get enough of them.  My slightly rebellious nature was desperate to turn one of the ice cream cones upside-down or have one that had fallen off the cone but I didn't do it.  : )  Hope you like it, Sarah.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

July- We all scream for ICE CREAM

I had such a blast trying to figure out what to do for my month. I had all these fun ideas that I thought would have been great and then the practical side of me would take over and say, " where would I put that? or that wouldn't go with that room.."  silly right?  Then I had an idea that would be fun to do, not very time consuming for the fun filled summer months, and the practical side of me would be happy as well. 

History for it goes like this:  I have three kids who don't look anything alike..seriously.  my first is a thick-haired-toe head, my second is a ringlety-red/strawberry/sherbert/gold-head, and then my third came out a dark-straight-thin head.  My aunt on seeing them said, "you have neopaliten kids",  I have called them that ever since. 
 (this was taken at a park red heads hair is in braids so you can't see the curl..but sadly, this is one of the only pictures of them together taken recently. )

...soooo, I wanted to incorporate my kids in this quilt, being my first and all. and this is why the ice cream quilt was picked.

 Everyone by now should have received a 'scoop' and 'cone' cut out.  (let me know if you didn't. Teriney I sent yours with your June square, hopefully its to you by now.)

My goal in this quilt is that my kids are represented as well as You. (feel free to tweak the scoops, they were really more of a measurment then anything)

1.  pick out a solid fabric (somethat that says 'you'), cut 14x14
2.  pick out a fabric that looks like a cone to you, use iron- heat transfer paper and then cut out three cones. please make the cone fabric all the same
(I cut out all my fabric and did the heat transfering at the same time..)
3. pick out material that represents vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, use iron- heat transfer paper and then cut out three of each (with each flavor you can choose the same fabric, or different as long as the 'flavor' is being represented)

4.  decide your placement and then heat transfer your cones on the 14x14 fabric, and then do the same with the scoops. please leave a 1 inch boarder around the 14x14 fabric
 You can choose how you want them stacked as long as each cone has three scoops on it
example- 3 chocolate on one vanilla and two strawberries on one cone...etc.

5. stitch around the cone edges, and the individual scoop edges

Thats it!! 
Any questions please let me know.(sorry if it's over- explained..its my first tutorial) and again, I want this to be fun and a way to show who you are in your square.
Thank You 
 I can't wait to see what you come up with.
ps. my address is different from the list emailed originally. It is now 110 raft island dr nw, Gig Harbor, WA 98335
-much love