Thursday, July 5, 2012

june + 5 days

It's already July??

I was another victim of June procrastination. I couldn't get it together.
Then this morning, I wasn't feeling well and was finally able to sit down and finish this square.

 I hope you like it, Teriney! It went together much faster than I thought it would.  However, I have decided that paper piecing turns me into a huge fabric waster! I had to cut a whole new strip of kona to supplement. Was I the only one that ran out??
Happy July! Here's to timely quilting! :)


  1. Fun square, Liz! I like the stripe. I also needed a little extra Kona to finish mine, but I have a confession to make... I didn't paper piece mine. I just winged it. Maybe that's why I ended up needing more.

  2. I used like a yard of Kona. Okay, slight exaggeration. Only slight. :) Great square!

  3. i didn't paper piece mine either...i used a little more kona than i thought i would, but fortunately i have a TON of kona scraps...;) Great square, Liz!

  4. very nice, I like the red flowers. Glad you got it done! and yes, I pulled out the kona scraps as well.

  5. Great square!!! Sorry I didn't send enough white...I tried to just go off of what I used.

  6. Looks great! I used a lot of small scraps of Kona that I had on hand and then used Teriney's piece for the larger needs. Worked out perfect and got rid of some scraps.