Friday, July 6, 2012

Preparing to Quilt

take note:
Are YOU quilting the RIGHT way?
I sooooo am not! When it's July and triple temps, I'm lucky to sew fully clothed! ha!

I saw this on cluck cluck sew's blog and couldn't resist sharing.  (and she got it from facebook so I can repost it, right???)


  1. ha!ha! that is great. i'm getting my french chalk in order right now.

  2. I am laughing out loud!! And I do have to say the part about house hold chores being done first is TOTALLY me! I'm way crazy (anal) about my house being put in order first. Althought dressed, hair and make up are low on my list. Maybe I should have been a homemaker in 1949.

  3. no wonder my sewing has not been turning out. because indifference predominates around here!

  4. I guess I would never be sewing :).

  5. And here I am in my jambes at 10am! I should be ashamed...