Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sugar Grandma

When Sarah and I were growing up, our Grandma Seal never failed to have a cookie jar full of cookies, a freezer full of Popsicles and the most dainty crystal dishes filled with hard candies to satisfy her grandchildren's sweet tooths.  I have happy memories of Easter egg hunt spoils, Halloween bag loot, and Christmas stocking stashes wildly traded on the floor of Grandma's upstairs hallway with all the rowdy cousins.  We call her our sugar grandma.  So, to honor her in this sugary square, I used fabric from the pocket of one of her old aprons-- one she surely sewed herself and used while making sweet treats for Sarah and my moms! 

I couldn't help but adorn the special scoop with a cherry on top!

I gravitated toward fabrics that looked like they had sprinkles on them-- which meant a lot of polka dots! 
Like Camie, I too adore polka dots.

I was stumped as to what to use for the cone.  But, my mother-in-law saved the day by proving the "waffle cone" fabric from her awesome stash.  It is really nice living next door to someone who so generously shares her extensive fabric collection!

Hope you like it, Sarah!
P.S.  The colors are a little off because I took the pictures at night... I just couldn't wait!


  1. So sweet! And I love the story!

  2. so cute! love the cherry on top!

  3. I remember that apron! This looks wonderful Becca!

  4. Love the "sprinkles" and the sweet story. And the cherry on top is perfect.

  5. I am totally adoring those ice cream cones!!

  6. Digging the cherry, the sprinkles, & the story!

  7. Becca I LOVE them!! Waffle cone, sprinkles, cherry and all. Thank you!! I'll be sure to show grandma when it comes ;)

  8. aww, you're so thoughtful! l love the apron and the sweet!