Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mardie's Heart Quilt

Here is my heart!

I found this quilt on Pinterest ( I  really do hate to violate copyright laws, so I worked hard to find the pattern in order that I could purchase it. I failed. The first link was to "Tula Pink". It was supposed to be in one of their books, which I could not find. I found another "Pin" that resembled the one I liked so much. It was from "Craftsy". Then I found a kit that was put together by our very own "Stitch'in Post"! But it was sold out! Not to be deterred, I got out pencil and graph paper and started creating a pattern for us to use. Here is the result:
I looked at the individual square on the right and thought..."Good heavens! That's 36 tiny little squares and HST's! That is too much!" Anyway, I pruned it down to a much more reasonable square.

Here we go. You will receive fabric for your square in the mail. Two pieces of red fabric, 2 pieces of turquoise fabric & 4 pieces of gray fabric.  (The color in my photos is really off Sorry.)

Trim your pieces to:
Red:     One 12 1/2" X 6 1/2" rectangles
Turquoise:    Two  6 1/2" X 6 1/2" squares
Gray:    Four  2 1/2" X 2 1/2" squares
(Some of the pieces that I am sending will not need trimming. It depended on how I needed to cut off the fabric I had. PLEASE check them all for accuracy.  Don't make any assumptions.)

To create your HST (half squared triangles) start by drawing a pencil line diagonally on the back of your turquoise and gray squares. 

Then lay out your two heart pieces. It's hard to see in the picture on the right, but it is assembled so that each half is a mirror image of the other

Pin turquoise squares at bottom corners as shown. Pin gray squares as shown at top of red piece. (Hopefully you can see from the diagram above, that when stitched along the square's diagonal lines, there is the formation of a heart. )
Stitch along the diagonal lines. Please secure stitches with a few back stitches. Sometimes on a diagonal line, my beginning stitches get bunched up when I back stitch. I like to start in a few stitches and back stitch first before proceeding. 

PLEASE USE A 1/4" STITCH!! The more uniform we can be in our cutting and sewing, the more uniform the squares that we send to each other will be. (I'm finishing a quilt with many squares sent by others. There were several small squares. I had to "square" the rest of the squares down to the size of the small ones. Unfortunately, it messed up the design that was to be created when all of  the squares came together.)
As you can see, 1/4" is a bit less than the 1/4" hash on the foot. PLEASE measure your stitches.We can't rely on the measurement of the presser foot.

Next, Trim your diagonal seams to 1/4". 

After sewing your diagonal seam and trimming them, your heart will look like this:

Press the seams open.
Pin the 2 heart sides together. PLEASE carefully match up the top and bottom of the heart.
Stitch the center seam of the heart.
Press open.

Here us the finished heart. The gray on top and the turquoise on the bottom work beautifully into the overall pattern of the quilt. My pictures definitely do not show the beauty of the colors.

Thanks for helping! I am excited!

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  1. Somehow I missed these last two posts! I got my fabric in the mail today and decided I'd better check in and lo and behold- your pattern for April! This will be fun- I love the colors you chose. I'll get right to work. :)