Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Here is my heartfelt apology:

I am so embarrassed! It is MY month to post a new square and it is the 20th! You may think that I would be on top of that issue...But, lol, I am not!! Thank goodness we have 2 months for each square right now! I actually thought that I was posting in June. Finally, I have chosen and am working on the tutorial. 

Anyway, I love seasonal quilts. I have one for several of the Holidays. But I need one for Valentine's Day! Certainly, if I start now, I will have a completed, lovely, heart quilt by 2017!

Here is my inspiration..

Image result for pictures of heart quilts

For a clearer picture check out this Pinterest site:

I am so excited. I am now running upstairs to see if the pattern that I made will work!

Love, Mardie

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