Thursday, October 2, 2014

October: a Modern Cross

Are y'all ready?? It's so easy, and quick! Perfect for the month when (some of us) are feverishly working on homemade Halloween masterpieces...
This block consists of 9 smaller blocks, 4 of which are pieced together.

You'll need: (4) 5" squares of the fabric of your choosing
(1) 5" square of Kona White
(4) 2.75" x 5" rectangles of the same fabric of your choosing
(4) 2.75" x 5" rectangles of Kona white

Fabric: we'll be using Kona white to make the cross, and one more fabric- anything but pink. It's okay if there is pink in the print as long as it's not the superstar. 

So here goes the tutorial-
layout your pieces like this ^ ^ ^
then like this ^ ^ ^
then like this ^ ^ ^
attach your rectangle's, right sides together and press away from the white

then attach all your small squares to make one big square. just make sure all of the white is in the center :)

Your block should finish at 14".

What do you think? Too vague? Not detailed enough? I'm happy to answer questions. Also, I'd be happy to provide the Kona white if you need it!

Thanks friends. I'm excited. 


  1. are you sure about the measurements of the rectangles? I started cutting and it didn't seem to quite match the pictures.

  2. Liz- you're totally right! it's 2.75" x 5". I just fixed it. thanks for pointing that out !! :)

    1. you're going to hate me…you fixed the kona measurement but not the other print measurement :)

  3. What an awesome block! I think I am partial to it, since it's a perfect Swiss flag. :) And happily, after some intense internet sleuthing, I found a store here that actually carries Kona white, so I am all set!