Friday, May 30, 2014

camie's modern scrappy quilt

When I saw this online:
I new I had to make one...and right away.  I borrowed my friend's accuquilt to quickly cut out 360 little squares out of my scraps.  I'd never used one before- how EASY!
Here's the quilt I made:
 Do you see the little feet to the right waiting to crawl onto the quilt?  They waited very patiently until I was done with my photo shoot before pouncing on it.  You can find the pattern I used right HERE.


  1. Love how bright and cheery it is, Camie! You do such very nice work.

  2. SO lovely. really - it's perfection.

  3. beautiful! did you like the accuquilt?

  4. The accuquilt was GREAT but I wouldn't buy one for myself. I'm glad I can borrow hers if I feel there's something I can't cut out. Part of me felt like I was cheating by using it!