Thursday, May 22, 2014

I need help!

I worked on your square today. When I got to the placement of the brown 2 1/2" squares on the center 4 1/2" ivory square, I was stumped. I didn't know where to place them to get the right sized square for the center. Through "hit and miss", I got it to this...

Please give me more guidance and I will pick it out and make it right. I guess I got pretty close, so maybe just a little more trying. But is there a real formula? Luckily, I have more brown.


  1. Mardie, I like your colors! looks pretty close. This is what I did: I sewed the browns on on opposite corners first, putting them flush with each opposite corner. Then I sewed from corner to corner on the brown part. Then I did the other two kitty-corners and sewed those. I also removed the excess so that only a quarter inch was left. If you need me to send you another 4.5" square, I can! Was that helpful?

  2. That looks great, Mardie!

  3. Close, but no cigars, as they say! Thank you for your explanation. Between that and Teriney's and Elizabeth's help it will work! But, YES, I NEED ANOTHER 4.5" SQUARE OF THE CENTER FABRIC! I am so sorry. I think I looked at the square and saw it one way and needed to see it another orientation and just couldn't switch! Thanks for your patience.