Tuesday, April 1, 2014

All the Pretty Little Dresses! (Or should I say, "All dressed up and nowhere to go!")

It was supposed to have 16 dresses, but I had so much fun I just kept going! With the encouragement of Elizabeth (for the new members, she is my daughter and you know her by Liz) I tried my hand at "meandering" on my machine. I stitched around each dress so they are kind of poofy and then did a 'tight' meander around them. 
I finished it with "Grace in a Pickle" by Rothumel and "30's Playtime" by Cloe's Closet. 
They are yummy, edible fabrics!
This quilt just cries out SPRING!! to me. Thank you all for your lovely contributions. 
(No April Fool's here... )


  1. It's so beautiful! And you are amazing at meandering! A pro on your first try!!

  2. Mardie, It is so darling! Wouldn't that be a great quilt with fabric from each dress that you'd made over the years? Emolyn