Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Finished…A While Ago! :) Inverted Star

Someone asked me recently if I finished my inverted star quilt and I realized I took the pictures but never posted it!  So here it is! I turned it into a "runner" that goes across the bottom of my bed and I absolutely LOVE it!

I quilted it simply in a square pattern.
I love it and I love my bed now.  I have actually rearranged my room since then and I love it even more!!


  1. OH! Thank you for posting it! It is really nice! I love it! I hope my purple and red one turns out just as lovely!

  2. I am admiring how you topstitched with nice, straight lines and even stitches. I usually choose a meander stitch for my quilts but for my latest quilt I sewed straight lines throughout and I thought it was so hard! I even followed ink lines. If you have a tip please share!