Monday, March 31, 2014

Bright Wonky Scrappy Birch Strips

This is my quilt from last year and I REALLY love it.  I had it quilted and then I bound it in the same fun fabric as the backing.  It's so cheery and fun to study.  

Can you find your squares? 

Looking forward to the picnics we'll have on it and the movies we'll watch under it. I'm pretty sure Anna Claire wants me to kick the bucket soon so she can have it.  Thanks, ladies!



  1. it's fabulous! and i'm not entirely sure which ones were mine. :) that is what comes with sleep deprivation and age.

  2. Becca, I can't find mine... I am blaming my eyesight! Emily, I love how you made it so bright and happy. Love it!

  3. This quilt is wonderful! i think i'm the top right but that's mostly because i'm pretty sure i had a pink background??

  4. It's terrific!! The backing is perfect. You always have such great ideas.