Monday, March 10, 2014

March of the Scrappy Hedgerow

It's here!  Sorry to be so tardy! Meet the Scrappy Hedgerow!

My sweet mother made me a quilt for my birthday and it has become a favorite couch snuggling quilt.  However I have TWO girls.  So I would like this quilt for my girls.  It starts with a fussy cut in the center.  I would like it to be like an "I spy" quilt. For example, my square has a big item, a cupcake that fills the square.  But it could totally be a medium print, for example one filled with bicycles, that would become a bicycle square.  Please try and keep with the color scheme (red, pink, peachy-orangey-yellowy, minty-olivey-greeny, and aqua).
It's basically a modified log cabin.  Start with a 4.5"x 4.5" fussy cut.
Then we add a border, with four different fabrics, but from one color family.  If you need scraps, please let me know.   I started with peach. You can go in any order you would like. There are four borders, but my palette includes five colors, so have fun and be creative! My square shown doesn't have a pink border. I chose to use red to emphasize the red frosting on my cupcake. 

The measurements for the first border, going clockwise, are (starting from the right side-sorry my photo isn't oriented correctly!)
2)1.5"x 5.5"
4)1.5"x 6.5"

This is the overall diagram that my lovely mother helped me with when I couldn't do my math correctly!

As you attach the borders, press seams outward.

For the next border, going clockwise, (starting at the top this time :) the measurements are:
Press each seam again outward as you attach them. 
For the next border, going clockwise, starting at the top again, the measurements are:

For the final border, going clockwise, the measurements, from the top are:

Press all seams out and you're done!  Please don't trim the squares at the end. I will take care of that.  
Thank you my friends! I hope you enjoy and please let me know if you need scraps or have questions!

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  1. It's so cheerful and fun-loving! This will be so fun to work on!!