Monday, December 24, 2012

The Hare...

I like to think that I am more like the Tortoise, slow and steady but the reality is I am the Hare. I will work manically for a few hours and then stop and take a 'rest,' and end up being dead last. Not that quilting is a race, but I really should try the slow and steady route. Anyhow. I finished up Mardies Square sometime ago and never posted it! I really like the whole mosaic look.

Here is Nikki's square. I finished it up a few weeks ago, but it has taken  some time to post. Sorry.  I loved loved loved making this! I kind of have a thing for lots of white with splashes of color! I can not wait to see this together! Promise you will post it!?
I started working on Jen's and am hoping to get it finished sometime after Christmas but before the New Year! I think a few of us local ladies should swap out some of our more abundant selvages to provide more variety, what say ye?
Q&A for Jen, How much repeat are you okay with in one square?

Merry Christmas Ladies! Hope your days are filled with Joy!


  1. t-dawg- i love you. i think your reds in the mosaic are too wide. Your triangles are fab, though!! Fly to Germany and spend New Year's with me??!!

  2. K-fed, They do seem to wide. I wonder what I did wrong? I'll look at it tomorrow. Blast!!! New years would be fab, but May it is. Hugs!

  3. It all looks wonderful to me! Great looking selvages!! I really do need to get started on that block...

  4. I love my triangles! Thanks, Teriney!

  5. I Love my square. I have them all sewn together and will post what I have so far. Thank you, wonderful Teriney.

  6. T, I'd say two (maybe three) times is the most I would repeat a pattern. Thanks friend. Lovely work as usual.