Tuesday, December 18, 2012

my tree has been naked!

I've been meaning to make a skirt for our Christmas tree since last Christmas.  I finally decided on the swoon pattern and fell in love with these gnomes and this red scandinavian print.  (I had to double it and now it measures 48")

I think the quilting and binding will have to wait until the 26th, though.  And then I'll have to cut into it and make a hole in the center - yikes!

Merry Christmas fellow seamstresses! 


  1. Love the gnomes! Great job, Emily!

  2. I love it! I'm in great need of a new tree skirt as well. I keep hoping to come across a really cute and really inexpensive one. It hasn't happened yet.

  3. this is beautiful, as always Emily!!
    Amy, i got mine at Target, after Christmas clearance. I wasn't brave enough to make my own yet. I found a plain, red quilted one that fit our family and my quiltiness perfectly and I love it!