Friday, November 9, 2012

just a little late.....

Nothing is worse then knowing you are behind and not even having a good excuse like making twins or having a newborn.
Good news is I'm not anymore.
 Liz and Camie, I'm sorry and your blocks are on their way (Jen, you arent the last to send one out. ) and Mardie, yours is on the way as well. 
they are in the mailbox!
 Mardie, I hope you like it I really liked making this one and might have to do one for myself.
 Camie, I have had this cut out ready to put together for EVER glad to have it ready for you!

Liz, again, I'm sooooo sorry! I've also had yours cut out and ready but was really nervous to put it together (not sure why) I like how it came together and I hope you like it.
and lastly, I have all the squares for July and am so excited how they all turned out and am just deciding the backing and then I'll put it together. THANK YOU ALL!! 


  1. your ice cream cones look so cute all together! you've been busy!

  2. Sarah- the block you made for me is so pretty! Thank you.

  3. thank you! i'm excited to have all twelve!!

  4. Nicole, i sent yours out today too but i forgot to take a picture.

  5. Sarah. Wow! You HAVE been busy. I love my square. Thank you!
    I agree, your ice cream cones look so fun together.