Saturday, November 10, 2012

3d person post

The Haylie Lott Esq. Quilt

Teriney whipped up this shiz on a moment's notice for a co-worker of her husband's baby shower. Husband was trying to make a chocolate cream pie and then he was trying to make some Boston Creams, but we lacked the ingredients to make almost anything substantial as far as a dessert was concerned. So, Teriney asked him, "How good of a friend is this?" "She's a good friend. We've tried jury trials together, she's plotted with me and she stands as a reference for me theoretically, were any job to actually decide to proceed to that point." Husband texted the friend to ask what colors were in the nursery. "Yellow walls, navy, khaki and brown."

That was at 8:30pm. The quilt was finished at 1:00 and it was bound the next morning.

Teriney had a thrilling tour of The Capitol Building with ARVA set for 11:00, so husband met her at The Capitol Building and he cut the extra strings off at his office.

The quilt was well received. They appeared to like it, and they said it was his first blanket.

This is the back of the blanket(duh!).


  1. love it! teriney better get some kind of pie as recognition for her amazingness.

  2. good job, t. you're the best wife i know.

  3. Amazing, Teriney. Hey, girls! Am I a lucky mother-in-law and mother? Teriney and Elizabeth teach me so much! I am blessed.