Monday, November 12, 2012


I have had Camie's square cut out since the second week of October.  While I, like Sarah, haven't had or grown any babies I blame these guys (and my own stupidity) for my delay.  Between those boys and a friend's baby who came early and who was owed a quilt I suddenly felt swamped with time sensitive sewing.  (I'll post pics of the friend's quilt hopefully soon!)  I panicked and I shifted gears.

Once I sat down to finish these squares this past weekend they were both so fun and easy.  I think I'd psyched myself out that they would be far beyond my abilities (I have a habit of doing that) and so I didn't think I could bang them out.  I'm sorry I made you wait because I'm such a wimp.  Thank you Camie and Mardie for being so very patient with me. Here are both of your squares. I hope you like them!

I hope the fabrics and layout will work for you!  So fun to see what I saw as your vision come together in my square.  Hoping I saw it right!

And Mardie, I am so sorry for how symmetrical mine ended out.  Apparently I'm a wimp AND boring!  I tried so hard to make it something more unique, but I ended up boxing myself in and so I hope it's not too straight laced.  I left the ugly edges for you to trim as per your instructions.  I think mine is more 12 3/4 by 12 3/4. 

Still super symmetrical at any angle.  Sigh.  I hope it's an awesome addition to your Christmas season!


  1. SO worth the wait; I am in love. I love it!!! Thank you so much.

  2. Robyn, I can't wait to get the square. Thank you! It is beautiful. They are all going to work together so well.