Monday, April 30, 2012

A Pinwheel in May

In college I took, “Professional Clothing Construction” from Dr. Oaks.  She was/is the most perfectly put together 75-year-old I have ever met.  She wore the same clothes you would imagine the queen mother wearing (all sewn by herself).  Her hair was snow white and perfectly quaffed.  Her teeth were stained from the tea she sipped while she lectured. 

She graded in “Amazing”, “Lovely”, “Nice”, and “Fine” instead of letter grades (even though they still meant the same thing).  She taught me many things “Your sewing should be like the ideal woman, as lovely on the inside as on the outside.”   “Pinning is for perfectionists and for those who wish to refrain from cursing.”  “If you never want to look at it again, it probably means you’re done.”

I mention Dr. Oaks and her lessons because 1. While making this square I did not use one pin (generally I am a pinning fool, but could not locate my pin cushion) and I swore… a lot 2. I am not sure this square is like the ideal woman, maybe just like most women (nice) 3.  I never want to see it again, so I am probably done; even if it is a day late.

I am not sure why I struggled so much with this square.  Most of my problems came from the white fabric.  Next time I will do my research and read all the comments before butchering my fabric.  A few good things came of this experience.   The seam ripper and I (me?) are now affectionate friends and I bought my first yard of Kona white (gasp, I know).


  1. it's so bright and fun! love all the greens you used!

  2. I'm sorry it caused you greif! But it turned out fanstastic! Thank you.

  3. First of all, I loved the intro. If I were Dr. Oaks and had to grade this square I would say this square is AMAZING. It's so happy and sings!

  4. I loved your story. It does remind me of some HomeEc teachers I had waaaayyyy back when I was young! I agree with Camie, I give it an "Amazing".