Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Amy's pinwheel

I'm not a big fan of these pictures as I think they mess with the colors a bit by neonizing them or something.  That being said, I just felt like, "Overcast morning be darned I want to document and post this guy!"

This was a fun square to do Amy!  I really hope you like it! 

I've already fallen all over myself with thanks to Amy for switching...but one last time for good measure, thank you Amy for swapping months with me!  It meant a lot.


A few exit notes:

1.  Despite the wrinkles in the picture, it actually does easily lay flat when you take the time (two seconds) to smooth it out.

2.  Each of my squares are turning into a Where's Waldo of layout flaws that once I see I can't unsee and that I am also fairly unable to change.  This flaw was noted after all of the sewn strip pieces were cut. Again, I won't burden you with it, but I think you'll see it in no time.  Wah.


  1. It looks perfect to me! Thank you so much!!

  2. I am loving all those fabrics. This quilt is going to be beautiful.

  3. this has Amy written all over it! nice work, girly!

  4. So cute, Robyn. I agree with Camie. This quilt is going to be beautiful.