Sunday, April 1, 2012

Scrappy Funky Pinwheel

Robyn asked if I could swap months with her. So LUCKY me I get to go a month early!
Here's my colors. Aqua (not turquoise), gold/mustard, orange, avocado green (not lime), dark red (vs. bright fire engine red), and black (not in picture). I know that sounds picky, but anything in that color range is fine.
**I will send the Kona White tomorrow*
Cut strips 1.5 X 7 you will need 14
Sew them together and iron. make 2 of these.
cut on a diagonal: line up your ruler (or whatever you call this thing) 3 inches on top, 4 inches on bottom. (if it works better to mark it with a pencil and line them up go for it.
cut Kona White 7 X 8 you will need 2 (the picture shows 7x7 that didn't work. ignore it)
Cut on a diagonal: 3.5 on the top 4.5 on the bottom
swap your pieces around and line up your diagonals.
sew the diagonal
iron. repeat with the other 3.
Move them round to form a pinwheel. Note: Be sure you have the stripes that were cut from the same square opposite from each other. Does that make sense?
Sew the top 2 squares, the bottom 2, then put the 2 halves together. Line up the middle point, not the sides.
You will notice that my final edges are off a bit. I'm not sure what happened. Yours might be that way also. DO NOT TRIM THEM OR SQUARE IT OFF. send it as is. I will match them all up and trim them once I get them all.
Thank you GIRLS! I'm very excited.


  1. so cool, amy! can't wait to start! i keep a stock of kona white so don't worry about sending any....

  2. Very fun! I have kona and I'm pretty sure Mardie and Teriney have it covered too!

  3. I love that and can't wait to get started! You don't need to send me kona. If I don't have enough I'll pick up some more.

  4. I'm loving this one! and just checking, I see your sample doesn't have plaids, checks or stripes...are you not wanting those? anything like that that you don't want???

  5. Oh, this looks like fun! And, yes, I have some Kona white.

  6. I guess most of you have Kona White. Thanks. So if you need me to send you some, please let me know, otherwise I won't worry about sending it. Sarah, I LOVE stripes, plaids, geometric shapes, florals, etc. I just don't have it in my small stash of preferred colors.

  7. How would you like your seams pressed?

  8. what is that orange paisley fabric? i think it's the same one camie used in her square #2. it'd be perfect for our kitchen. do u know the name of it, amy?

  9. Amy - I'm confused. I sewed my prints together and cut them on the diagonal at 3" on top and 4" on bottom. That made two equal pieces (when flipped). The instructions say to cut the Kona at 3.5" and 4.5", which makes two pieces that are different sizes. The ruler on top of the Kona looks like it's at 3" & 4" (like the prints). What am I doing wrong?