Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Books on the Shelf

square for Amy C

I hope the prints aren't too busy!  That last one on the right is my favorite right now.

For the Quilt Guild here, I've been asked to be in charge of the Modern Friendship Quilt.  I've chosen Raspberry Kiss! Those who sign up will make a bunch of squares in one color and then swap in March. Fun, huh? Do you have a favorite low-volume neutral?

photo credit: london_and_granger on Instagram



  1. That is one terrific quilt. I can't wait to see what you end up with in March!!
    Love your books. The giraffes remind me of Grandma Goddard.

  2. Oh, that quilt block is gorgeous. The giraffes are super fun. And that geometric one on the far right is so my oldest boy! I will definitely embroider one of his favorite science-y book titles on to it. Thank you!

    That quilt you posted is gorgeous. A rainbow quilt, but totally modern. Hmm, now I might have to change my mind on the rainbow quilt I was going to make with all my scraps....

  3. Love the friendship quilt! So bright and fun. Lovely work on the block, too.