Sunday, February 1, 2015

Castle Wall Love

I fell in love with this 30’s vintage quilt a couple years ago but those Y-seams, blah. 
I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. 
When I saw this paper pieced version pop up on my Pinterest feed it was like the stars aligned. 
I love paper piecing.
I love castle wall.
Quite serendipitous. 
I hope you don’t mind making a girl’s quilt dreams come true!

Ladies, I’m not going to lie. 
Good news… I’d say the complexity of the paper piecing is pretty darn easy: not a bad project to start with if you’ve never attempted paper piecing before.
Bad news… it is time consuming.  It took me a couple of nap times, plus some to complete.  

Here is my version.
I debated for a long time on which fabrics I should choose but in the end I chose to stick with red, white and blue.  If nothing else it will make this ex-pat a little less home sick. 

If you’ve never done paper piecing, or if it’s been a while, or if you know how to do it perfectly well but want some tips on how to do it better, then look no further than this tutorial.  I use some of her techniques and leave some at the door (like when she says don’t bother using a ¼” ruler when cutting the excess fabric on the seam, she be straight up crazy). There are bunches of paper piecing tutorials out there.  I don’t care which method you use.  Choose one that works for you.  

Fabric is in the mail.  

I hope you find this project as fun to do as I did. 

Thank you ladies!


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  1. Oh, I am excited! I have been wanting to try paper piecing for a while now, but keep putting it off! This will finally make me take that leap over the castle wall. heehee!