Friday, September 19, 2014

Thanksgiving stars, triangles, corners and scraps, oh my!

I have been feeling so guilty about my procrastination and so I reserved today to catch up and I did!!

I did Cami's September scraps before September even ended. Wahoo! What a cute fun square! I hope you enjoy it Cami!
I used two favorites from my own flag quilt from last year for Teriney's missing corners and sol even approved the fabri choices!
I hope Becca's triangles fit in the group. What a fun quilt this will be!
And the biggest source of guilt went to this lovely. I am so very sorry that it is so late. And I promise the oranges are more orange-y in person.
Thank you, my friends for being patient with me. I had a lovely day at my mothers sewing up a storm and lessening my guilt!


  1. Liz- I love the block you made for me; the fabrics you added are brilliant!! Thank you.

    1. I'm so glad! I promise the ones that look red are salmon and orange