Thursday, September 18, 2014

A guilty conscience no more!

So, after a wonderful vacation to Utah and Vancouver, Canada, I came home to real life.  Back to school for the kids, a Van Gogh birthday party to pull together, a new church calling for me (YW President, could be interesting....) and general craziness.  And then my daughter got her first American Girl doll for her birthday, so naturally, what sewing time I did find, was spent making Emily the doll fun bedding, including a quilt, a couple shirts, a skirt and a fancy dress to round out her wardrobe.  But finally, finally I said to myself enough!  I must repent and sew for my quilt club!  And sew/so I did.

Becca, I got a little carried away cutting triangles, but since you are making a large duvet cover, I figured a few extra wouldn't be a problem. :)  I hope the colors are okay, I tried to match as best I could with what I had.
Teriney,  if I had access to Kona white, I totally would have sewed you a couple more blocks as well.  You know, as penitence, but alas, no fabric store near me has heard of it.  But I loved making your blocks.  Simple, but very effective and dramatic when finished.

And Camie, even though I haven't received your fabric in the mail yet, I have already begun cutting out squares just so I don't get so behind again.  How happy I am that we didn't have a new block in August as well!  That may have sent me over the edge. :)


  1. You haven't received the fabric I sent yet? I will send another envelope TODAY! I am so sorry!!

  2. No worries, sometimes the mail gets delivered quickly, sometimes it doesn't.
    It will come when it comes. :)

  3. Thank you for the extras!! They look wonderful.