Monday, January 6, 2014

Merry Christmas 2012...2013.

I started making table runners for my sisters back in 2012 and never finished them. Since I was going home this Christmas, it had to be done. Like most things I do, I forgot to take pictures of them...oops. But my sister-friend Jessi was nice enough to send me some pictures of two of them. 

This one went to Nikki. I love how it turned out. I think I did a pinwheel pattern? With a red, white and teal pattern. I even went fancy with pointed edges. ;)

This beautiful feather runner went to Jessi. She decorates her home with lots of bright, fun colors. I knew it would be right at home with her. Thank you to all the wonderful 12Squared ladies for contributing to this one. I think she likes it! I even left my silly fat feather...I kind of like the mistakes I sometimes make in quilting / sewing. It let's people know that although it's not perfect, it was stitch by a human, and probable with lots of love.
Here is to 2014! I have a few more projects near completion...maybe this will be the year they get finished?!


  1. i love the table runners! and I wish I could get my husband to let me decorate like Jessi! I love her dining chairs!!

  2. Beautiful table runners. I especially love the feathers; how they compliment the chairs around the table-so fun and cheery!