Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Little Blog Business

Lovely Ladies of 12 Squared,
Teriney had the idea that we have a section on the blog for finished projects, to make it easier to find pictures of our quilts.  I don't know how to do that.  So, instead, I went through each and every post (all 423) and labeled them.  
Yes, I'm OCD.  No, I won't tell you how long it took. Yes, it feels very gratifying to have all the labels matching and in order.

I also added a search bar to the left sidebar.  So, you can type in "Finished Projects" and it will pull up all the wonderful things we've finished.  Mardie, Emily and Camie win the prize for most finished projects!  You can also search by a quilter's name or pattern.  It has been so fun to see all the blocks that this group has produced over the last three years.  You should type in your name and see all the things you've made!

Now when you make a post, just be sure to add your name and the quilt pattern you're posting to the Labels section under Post Settings.  And, if you're posting a finished project, just label it as such.
For example, if I'm posting a String Diamond for Camie, I'll label it:
Becca, String Diamond

I also added an email sign-up (just there to your left).  If you'd like to get an email whenever there's a new post here, just enter your address in and you won't miss a thing!

On another note, we have a new quilter joining us!  Please Welcome CINDY!  She lives in Salt Lake City, is an ultimate crafter, designed my wedding announcements, AND she's been to the Austin Quilt Market.  So, she's pretty much amazing.  We will get her added to the schedule and email her address soon.

Can't wait to get started.  I snuck (sneaked?) a peak at Emily's pick for next month and it's very neat.



  1. I can't believe this! Becca you are amazing!

  2. Should I only be posting quilts I've made using blocks from the group, or can I upload pics of other projects I have finished? Just don't know the protocol and don't want to commit a social faux paus! :)

    1. Anything goes! We would love to see some of the things you've done! I think we all find it inspiring to see what else we are working on!

    2. Yes, Amy! We want to see what you've done. And, it will help us get a feel for your tastes!