Friday, June 21, 2013

This is my Brain on Fabric...

Lately, I have been obsessed with my quilting. I have FINISHED a few projects that were really fun & I am happy with how they turned out. I have a reason to have been so driven to get some of the things done. Here he is!
  Elder Sam Tobler came home from his mission on the 8th of June! It is wonderful to have him home!
Oh! We also have been busy with family. Grace and Jason and Clark came to visit the day before Sam came home. So, here is a picture of all of the grandchildren!
 Solomon (J&T), Jonas (J&MM), Maud (J&T), Megan (E&W), Ruby & Hazel (J&T), Lucy (E&W), Clark (G&J), Everett, Christian & Eden (J&MM)... cute, right? 
So, for a few weeks, I have been driven to get a few things done, anticipating losing my sewing room, aka., formerly known as Sam's room. I have taken over the "kid's room". I re-did this wicker chair: the pillows are made from more quilt blocks from 2011 and '12.  Elizabeth folded all of my fabric to look really nice on the bookshelf behind the chair. 
 I also finished my "sampler quilt".   
The backing and binding are from "happy-go-lucky" by bonnie & camille for Moda. Love, love the backing.
Have you seen these birds at "The Stitch'in Post"? I made some with fabric that I brought home from Hawaii. Now I need a good stick or 2 and make a mobile.You can find the pattern on line at: (Mister Blue Bird by Michael Fulkerson.)
Wait! There is more. (I told you my brain was on "fabric")
When my mother in law was here in February, she and I took a class at the "Stitch'in Post. (Highly recommended.) The pattern is a "Carpenter's Star". I had found a large  bag of "Farmer John's Mini Market" fat quarters by Paintbrush Studio. Patterns of tiny fruits and vegetables. So cute! We each made one. I finished mine with "Bella" black and  "Cherry on Top" in green and red by Keiki for Moda. (Now to finish hers.)
 I made this picture  larger so you could see the peaches, yellow, red & green peppers, blueberries, cherries, artichokes, red peppers. 
I guess I'll go upstairs and finish Liz's square. 
(Remember, girls. I have NO small children at home, I don't work outside the home, AND I have been OBSESSED!)


  1. How fabulous to be getting so much accomplished! The happy-go-lucky fabrics you chose are simply dreamy. The carpenter's star is terrific! I love the organized fabrics...I can only dream of having such neat stacks of fabrics.
    Your grandkids are super adorable.
    Let me know if you need any more hour glasses. I think I am at a place where I can fit some in. You had mentioned possibly having extra stringed diamonds- if you have an extra to fill in for Sarah that would be awesome but if not no worries.

    1. Thanks! I will send you an extra set of stringed diamonds. And yes, I would love a set of hour glasses. You can do any colors, just bright contrasting with the Kona white. my tutorial is on tradingpieces in Feb 2013.

    2. Wonderful! Thank you for the extra stringed diamond. I will work on the set of hour glasses!

  2. Holy smoke, Mardie! You are amazing!! I love that Bonnie and Camille fabric, too!

    P.S. I have been trying to post comments on here for weeks, but something it up with Blogger and my Google browser and none of my comments ever posted! So, if I've been quiet, it hasn't been by choice! I just figure out tonight that I can post if I'm on Internet Explore.

  3. you are amazing, Mom! thank you for making all these lovely quilts for our kids to snuggle under!