Monday, June 10, 2013

June: Scrappy Trip Around the World, Here We Come!

Hi friends!
I've been eyeing this design for a while! So we are going to do the scrappy trip around the world block using the Quiltville tutorial, here.

You can follow the link or my instructions below. It will make a 12x12 square.

Start by cutting six 2.5" x 16.5" strips.  Please make one of the strips kona white (bottom strip in the picture)
Choose fabrics that will have nice contrast between lights and darks and stick with smaller patterns like below. Ask if you have any questions choosing fabrics!
 Sew your strips together, starting with the white and making sure the last fabric contrasts well with the white.
 Press seams every other direction.
Sew your six strips in half, creating a tube.
Square up one of your ends.  Cut the strips into 2.5" strips to create six tubes.  
 Use your seam ripper to open your tubes, staring with the seam next to the white, placing the white in the bottom.  Open each tube in succession to create a pattern like below. 
 Sew strips together. 
 Press flat and your done! It came together quickly and I think it will be so fun together!!


  1. Hi Liz, is the color scheme you chose for your block the colors you want us to use or does "anything go"?

  2. Okay, I'm just going to go for it!

  3. Hey Camie. Liz has been out of town. I ask her the same question and she said that she wanted contrast. Not just all light or all dark or all bright but a mixture of both. I am pretty sure that anything you do will be fantastic!
    While I am here. I am going to finish your square this week. I was gone all of May and am desperately trying to get back in the swing of things... I finished Emily's and you are next~Hugs!

  4. sorry Camie! Yes, Teriney is correct-on both accounts. I have been on vacation and about the square! :) I definitely want the kona white down the center and then I want smaller prints with good contrast so there aren't totally dark or light blocks but a good variety. Everything you do is wonderful- I'm so excited!

  5. Thanks for both responses! I started to gather fabrics and was so stumped by the fabrics I kept putting together I decided to wait and see what a couple of the others come up with. ; )