Friday, March 15, 2013

Not a quilt but a bag

I saw this bag while looking for some luggage for upcoming trip. After this, all I could think was must have canvas bag: bright, bold & simple canvas bag. But I am not paying 200+ for a bag. So I did what any half crazy woman does...I made my own.
(the Inspiration)
This is the prototype. I should have probable started with ugly material because it is so not perfect. But it served it's purpose and the next bags, for the kids will be perfect!
I love how the bag above is standing so perfect...I think they must have a cardboard liner. 
Mine is stuffed with a kid...yup. Ruby is in there!
Maud wanted in too but Ruby wouldn't scoot over! 
I may or may not have tested all the kids in it...for weight purposes. 
This bag can hold at least 50 pounds! Perfect!
So what would I do different?
1. Tabs on the end of the zipper. Make zipper easier.
2. Thinking about eliminating pelon fleece. Just not sure it needs it? Your Thoughts?
3.  Use all purpose thread. The heavy duty ended up a little wonky inside. 
I just could not get the tension right.
4. Add 2 inches on the width so I don't end up running over zipper. 
Anyhow. There you go. I love it. Just wish it was perfect!!! 

Well, off to clean my house and apparently my kid just used the 'outdoor' bathroom for #2. JOY.


  1. Wow! You are amazing. The duffle bag looks great!

  2. Very good, Teriney. They will work great! 4 to go. It looked like Sol was worried about Ruby!

  3. they look great! they'll look even greater across the pond!