Monday, March 18, 2013

12squared twin blankets!

We've had a number of babies born in our group over the past three years that are wrapped in some of our beautiful quilts, I'm sure! 
However, when one of our fearless leaders announced she was having twins, we thought we should get together and do something! 
My Mom and I found a simple and lovely square (c/o Red Pepper Quilts: Liberty Nine Patch) that we thought everyone would have scraps for and contacted three years worth of quilters.  Thanks so much to all who contributed! We just got word that Becca received the quilts and loved them! Success!! (and we expect a follow up post with Charlotte and Tess on their 12squared blankets!)

 We asked for colorful, Becca-like squares and we got the perfect variety!

 We backed each quilt with Bonnie and Camille's Sundae prints, which we knew she liked!
 I wanted to do a neat graphic with everyone's names printed over the top of this picture but I'll list the squares' owners below instead.
 L to R: Kristin, Camie, Camie, Rachel, Robyn
Emily S, Emilee N, Holly, Mardie, Amy
Liz, Robyn, Mardie, Emilee, Teriney
Mardie, Rachel, Kristin, Holly, Camie
Amy, Teriney, Camie, Liz, Emily S
 L to R: Camie, Liz, Mardie, Holly, Emilee
Amy, Teriney, Kristin, Camie, Mardie
Mardie, Rachel, Amy, Robyn, Emily S
Emily S, Holly, Emilee N, Kristin, Camie
Robyn, Camie, Rachel, Teriney, Liz
Much Love from your 12squared sisters!!


  1. I am grinning from ear to ear! You are all so very, very thoughtful. I am such a lucky girl and so are my twins. I love the quilts-- each and every square-- and will post a pic with the girls enjoying the fruits of your labors.
    Much thanks and love,


  2. These quilts are beautiful. Great job you guys! It was a joy to be a part of it. Love to Becca and those babies!