Thursday, December 29, 2011

up until 3am (and worth it)

Several months ago, I saw a quilted calendar pocket at Pinwheel Fabrics and I loved the idea because I spend a lot of time each year finding a new calendar that I don't mind looking at EVERY DAY and then fork out a good chunk of change for it!  So I gathered up my leftover selvages from Kristin's square and pulled out an old Martha Stewart article on the lone star design.

Of course, I didn't save the actual lone star template all those years ago, so I had to make my own pattern.  You could use ANY quilt design you like, though.  The background piece is 12.5"x25".  I foundation pieced each lone star piece with selvages to make a 12" square.  I backed it with Warm & White and then sewed it right side down on the backing and flipped it up to the top.  The pocket has some stabilizer (plus the cardboard that came with the calendar) to hold the weight of the calendar.  Then I just bound it with 1" scrap strips (1/4" seam then turned to the back and stitched in the ditch).  Oh, and the calendar is from the Dollar Tree.  I love it!

Happy New Year!
(and Merry Christmas, we haven't even opened presents yet - waiting for all the kids to get back)


  1. Wow. Great job. It's gorgeous!

  2. What a fantastic idea. You are so good at what you do, Emily!

  3. i love them both so much! so did you make the map?? i will definitely be filing these ideas in my future project to get my sewing machine. i'm missing it terribly:(

  4. oh, wait. i get it were going to use the map as the calendar pocket. gotcha!

    i have to say, it's really cool to see such a modern spin on such a traditional design! how refreshing!

  5. Did you use a foundation as you put the selvage pieces together or did you just sew the long selvages strips together and then cut out the pieces of the stars that way before you sewed the stars together?

  6. I used a lone star foundation piece and added the selvage strips to it because my selvages weren't very long. I'll work on a pattern/tutorial.