Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In the nick of time..

I just barely got Kristin's block done - just in time for her to leave. We will miss you - but what an awesome adventure you are going to have. And what fun fabric you will find over there! I am so excited for your family.

So here is Oct, Nov, and Dec - it's been fun ladies and I will keep checking back to see what your up to. Maybe after this next year I will beg to join your group again. But I have decided that I need to take this coming year and finish up all of my many incomplete the cool quilt I made for Caden when he was 6 and all I need to do is bind it. It is too childish for him now - but I guess he can keep it for his 1st boy. It is definitely time to get caught up.

Just a tip on the Nov block of mine - when you have completed all of the A & B sections and it is time to join the sections - take the paper off. It is much easier to line up the center of the sun that way. Thanks - can't wait to see the rest. Happy Holidays Ladies!

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