Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Not completely slacking

Dear Becca,
So the date is 13 July and you're probably thinking, hm, why haven't I received my yellow bottled rainbow square for June yet? I promise you I have very good reasons... Here they are:
vacation + supposed Lyme disease = lots of bed time and not a lot of quilting time. Yes, the Dr. thinks I have Lyme disease which would explain the 5-day 103-104 degree fever I had that worked me over and forced me to bed for an entire week. I'm now recovering and your square is now calling my name. It's all cut out but no one managed to finish it up for me while I was in bed.


  1. yikes emilee - rest lots and get better soon! Maybe you shouldn't eat so many limes.

    (no one does my dishes while I'm quilting - it's really disappointing)

  2. that sounds awful! don't worry about it... we've had a house full of company and i have not had a chance to look at my squares anyway. hope you feel better soon!!