Sunday, July 31, 2011

If anyone wants to experience a New England autumn, 
my little apartment is officially open for visitors.
I have found a few spots that would be perfect for our love of quilts & sewing...

If this place had been open when we were there for the Folk Festival, I would have gone in.
But I did speak to a lovely woman who works there and she said it was full of quilts from every decade,
including some "modern quilts that someone my age would enjoy."
It's slim-pickings for fabric stores up here.
This makes me spend more time online buying fabric & to rationalize that the things available at JoAnns are cuter than they really are.
But there is a fabric shop in Nobleboro, Maine that has converted an old barn into a fabric 'heaven'. 
I have been told it's worth the drive.
You better believe it's on my list of things to check out.

I wish I had more to offer but that's about it from up here.
Happy sewing friends!

Love, Jennie

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  1. i hear ya! we got nothin here either. and don't be fooled by joann. unless your joann has much better selection than my terrible joann. good luck!