Thursday, March 16, 2017

Disappearing 9 patch for Emolyn

Hello!!! Is anyone out there??? I can hear crickets chirping here on our blog. ;)

Here are my disappearing 9 patch squares for Emolyn...

I finished a few things in the last few months...

I did a swoon friendship swap with friends here in Logan and gave it to my daughter, Vivian, for her birthday. I love it!

A hexagon pillow inspired by this wall hanging.

My Christmas houndstooth quilt - thanks everyone! I love how it turned out.

My husband asked for a quilt for Christmas. So I made a Sasquatch quilt for him since he's on the hairy side. :)

Happy Spring everyone! Let's see your projects!

1 comment:

  1. I wish your projects left me speechless. Unfortunately, I have way too much to say. But I'll try to be brief. YOU ARE AMAZING. Good for you for doing Emolyn's blocks. This week is spring break and that is on my list of things to do. Vivian's quilt is absolutely amazing. I want it. I wanted to make something similar but I was a chicken, unlike you. I love the banner in her room too. Hexagons? You are too much. Another thing I am too chicken to attempt. It's beautiful. And living in the Pacific NW I can appreciate the sasquatch quilt. Super cute. I am working on a quilt and need to start one for a nephew. I'll post soon.