Tuesday, July 14, 2015


So, this morning I get this very sweet email from Emily. (Thank you, Emily)

Hi Mardie! 

What square are we making for you for July? So excited!


Ladies, I am so embarrassed and sorry to be so incredibly late! Grovel, grovel, grovel...

My square for 2014 was for a Patriotic themed quilt. It has 2 complimentary squares. 
This year, let's do the square on the right! 
The squares are small and I'm asking you to make 2 squares, please. 
Here is a picture of the 2 squares together. 
I will send out all of the fabric...
and post the tutorial. 
Hugs and Kisses from a very embarrassed, 


  1. No groveling needed! I would have forgotten if I wasn't January! :)

  2. Mardie, I'm so behind, it's been nice to have a bit of a breather. My 12squared to do list is already getting pretty long. Sorry to the ladies who are waiting on me. I promise to get them done before school starts!!

  3. Thank you both for being so understanding. I got the fabric in the mail this morning and am working on the tutorial right now, as we "type". Whew!

  4. July had been crazy busy, so it has been nice not to have one more thing in my todo list.