Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Paper Piecing Paralysis (PPP)

I am convinced this is a real diagnosis. The last time I was this behind we were working on shari's paper piecing square. Apparently I have issues with paper piecing.

Mom and I  thought we were being so smart to do this together, however the result was we ran out of mom's fabric. That was the first time we discovered our colors were slightly different!!!! So I had half a square that I couldn't finish and had to start over. We sent back the pieces I had made with my square and the fabric in case you want to make another out of that color scheme, Nicole. It's halfway done! 😉
I could blame the whole thing i pregnant brain and newborn brain but I apologize for getting so behind. 

I also want to thank you sweet friends for helping to make this darling blanket for my new babe! It's beautiful and it is our special work blanket where she rests and plays when she goes to work with me! I love it and I am so touched that you took the time to do this!!

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  1. The quilt turned out SO GREAT! What a sweet little baby.