Monday, April 6, 2015

April's Flowering Snowball

which truly couldn't be more appropriately themed for my German spring! we go from promising sunshine to overcast and snowflakes in the blink of an eye.
so here is my tutorial, complete with a pattern and a third party tutorial linky- because sometimes the third party's say it better than i do :)
pattern pieces; only three. you will need to cut 4 of piece A, 4 of piece B, and 1 C. i'll list the color specs toward the bottom of the post.
  here is your layout, you'll start with a corner.
 if curves are new to you, this is a great place to start. these are quite simple, just take your time.
 you'll want to line these points up, go ahead and bring that gray piece (B) all the way so that it's even with the straight edge on piece (A). it will make the curved seam a little more even. 
 i have found it easier to not use pins, but try it out, see what is more comfortable for you.
with one corner complete, attach the middle (C) piece to (A) pieces.
 onto the opposite corner-
 now attach the three pieces together- please carefully line up piece (C) with the corner pieces (A).

you should end up with 12" block. after a couple of attempts to get the colors right- i've decided to change them slightly from what you see here. the yellow pieces will remain, the plum pieces will also be yellow. the B's will remain a light gray and white/low value. piece C will be a dark gray.

i'm looking for rich mustard yellows- not citrus.
 ^^^^^^more this^^^^^

and for the grays, i want the grays to have a presence, but not compete with the yellow. if you could use different fabrics for each of the B pieces and please, if possible, use light gray and white monotone fabrics. think, low volume. for the C piece- darker gray. not black, but something that contrasts with your B pieces.

no need to trim your block once you've finished, just please make sure that it's at least a 12" square. i will mail the template in the morning- if you are stash short and need any of the color requests please let me know and i'll include them.

danke, friends!! Happy chilly April!

(molly flanders tutorial -


  1. I'm really excited for this one, Kristin! I've been wanting to learn how to do curves.

  2. Looking forward to trying curves and I love the color scheme.

  3. Ladies- I have to send a giant apology!!! In a desperate attempt to pack for spring break, do Easter, prepare for an upcoming 12 year birthday celebration (while on vacation)- I forgot to mail the pattern. I'm so sorry!!!!! If you are itching to get started you can find the templates on the link I posted- OR- I'll send the on the 15th and will be happy to receive my blocks late.

    With love-
    Crazy slacker mom :)