Sunday, November 23, 2014

Beautiful blocks for beautiful ladies

Okay, first I have to say that joining this quilting club/bee/group was the most fun thing I have done for myself in a long time.  Not even considering the fun of learning new blocks, or having a "reason" to add to my stash, the joy of getting something so lovely as a pile of fabric in the mail is such a wonderful addition to a normal, blah day.  So when Mardie's envelope arrived with all the fabric for her patriotic star, it was just the inspiration I needed to set aside my cleaning and get cozy with my machine.  But I felt guilty working on her block, when I still needed to finish two other blocks, so I worked on them in order, even if they were technically all completed on the same day! :)

First up is Cami's fun, scrappy block.  I really love how the craziness of all the different fabrics is toned down by the borders of white.  True, completely scrappy quilts are too much for me, but I love, love, love the look of this, and have now decided to make one for myself.  Someday, you know, when I finished all the other half-done quilts in my closet.  Ahem.

Next up was the delightfully uncomplicated modern cross for Kristin.  It went together so quickly, I made two.
And of course, I HAD to make it in Switzerland colors! :)
Finally, the beautiful patriotic star for Mardie.  This was just tricky enough that I had to pull out some stitches.  Apparently, relying on my memory for which way the stripes were supposed to go was a bad call. I kept the tutorial up on my computer, right next to my sewing machine after that.  And everything went together perfectly.  I wish we could sew the other blocks as well, just so I could learn something new.


  1. I love the block you made for me- thank you!! Your other blocks are beautiful too. Thanks for the reminder that I have Mardie's fabric and I need to put it together. Somehow with all the craziness I completely forgot about it.

  2. Amy, the patriotic block is perfect. I also enjoyed making the others and love having the reason to sew. Thank you! (I could arrange something with the other square if you are serious...) ; )

  3. I am totally serious! Send as many as you would like , and i will sew them up!