Friday, May 17, 2013

A Sampler Quilt and my "Double Hourglass" for "that other group"!

I have been working on making duplicate squares whenever I am able and have the time. These are the squares I have chosen for my first "sampler" quilt. (I have more squares for a second!) They are examples from the first 2 years of Trading Pieces and 12 Squared.  It is a little like "I spy... my square!" Can you find yours? (I will be changing out one of the "Granny Squares" for a "Dresden Plate" I am working on.) 

Any ideas for sashing? Don't quite have a handle on that yet. All I know is that the squares look better separated than mushed together. 

 Below is what I have so far for my Trading Pieces "Double Hourglass" quilt top! I am loving how it is coming together. The bright colors are perfect! Mixed in with the squares that I have made, it is looking just like I wanted it too... except not big enough yet. 
I'm taking donations for extra squares... if you are interested in a quick and easy square! 
(See February 2013 @ trading for details) 

Wow! That was shameless...


  1. what a great sampler! i've been working on mine that has all the square from 2012 in it. one more to go and i will post a picture of the quilt top.

    i'll try to make you some hourglasses. do you have a preference for color? more red or purple to balance it out?

  2. Thank you, Becca! It has been fun. I picked out the backing and the border and binding yesterday. I made two chair pillows out of Emily Sigler's bow ties and petal squares and a smaller pillow out of Kristin's windmill. They didn't fit into a 12 1/2" square.
    I would LOVE it if you would make some hourglasses. Either the red or purple or the bright blue would be perfect! Thank you!
    I can't wait to see yours. Picking out a color theme is a great idea. Mine is kind of a "hot mess". But fun!