Monday, April 29, 2013

may 2013: string diamonds

Here's the idea for the month of May: String Diamonds!
I found it at this site.  It didn't come with a tutorial so I made up a tutorial using all the skills I've learned while quilting with 12squared!! : )

Using two 8 1/2 by 11 pieces of white paper, cut four 5x7 rectangles.  On two of the rectangles, draw a diagonal from the left upper corner to the bottom right corner.  For the other two, draw a diagonal line from the upper right corner to the bottom left, as shown.
Cut a 1" strip of Kona white fabric and divide it into four pieces.  Run a glue stick lightly over the line you drew on each rectangle.  Place the white strip of fabric evenly over the line and press in place.  Do this for each rectangle.
You will need three strips of fabric with a print for each side of each rectangle.
Place a piece of fabric right-side down on the white fabric, lining up the edges.  Sew with 1/4" seam then iron open.  Add two more strips on that side the same way then add three strips on the other side.
(You'll notice that on my example there are more than 3 strips on some sides.  Please ignore that and stick to three.  I realized later that the finished blocks look much better with fewer strips.)
Once they are all sewn onto the paper rectangle, flip it over and trim to the edges of the paper.
Here is one finished rectangle:
Now make three others just like it.  Remove the paper from the back of the rectangles.

Now sew them together.  No need to trim.
I will need a total of 30 squares for my picnic blanket so I made 24 myself.  I can't wait to see the squares you make for me!!  Here are what a bunch of mine look like together (laid down without any thought):
Thank you so much for helping me make this quilt!  If anyone needs ANY strips, please do not hesitate to let me know and I will get them in the mail; I am more than happy to send fabric your way.  Again, thank you and happy quilting!