Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DECEMBER: Teriney's Square

Okay. I have had a ton of fun working on each of your squares and enjoyed learning a few new things this year. With it being December and my month and me feeling a little overwhelmed with my sewing 'to do' list, I decided to keep it simple. Plus I really do like simple (Like this!). I am sending each of you:
1 15x15 piece of white fabric with a 12'' circle drawn in pencil on the fabric
1 petal applique pattern

Here is what you do:

Admire circle ;)

Cut out 6 petals in fabric of your choice...mostly...I really want the finished quilt to be 'light' & Fun! Please make sure each print includes white, cream or another 'light' color in addition to other colors (see petals in this post). Please use small to medium sized prints. And lastly, please no solid colored fabric.

(template) Iron each petal flat.
(Example of Fabric)
Place petals around inside of circle, tip to tip.

Glue down each petal.

Applique each petal. Please use a zig zag stitch & white thread.

Done in no time flat leaving you time to enjoy: pinterest, hulu (here is one of my favorites) or facebook!

Here are some finished ones.

xoxo Teriney

Thanks again lady friends!

Tokyo Sun...Rainbow Style

I'm glad we got to learn a new technique. Once I studied it out a bit, it was very easy. My camera needs some adjustments, the pink in the picture is actually a red.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kristin's Square

I woke up at 4:30 this morning to make this square.
We are leaving for a little Thanksgiving vacation, and I could not have it hanging over my head.
 I LOVE that there little secret phrases hidden.
 Dave was very concerned that I was sewing instead of packing.
He knows that I would rather be sewing than packing any day.
Plus, it was beyond satisfying to drop it in the mail.
I hope enjoy it, Kristin.

A first...

This is the first time I have finished a square this early! I had fun! The tutorials really helped...mostly to instill confidence! Have fun Ladies!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sneek Peek: Shari's Square

I was so excited to get Shari's square that I thought I would give you a preview until you get yours...

This is the ending pattern...Shari included yellow for the center and we basically get to choose the other fabrics. I am excited, however I may need to do another group stich'n is paper piecing, which is new to me...but I am really excited about it! Thank you Shari!

Found this video on YouTube:

I like this one best:)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Love the windmill

This square was so fun and I love how they all look. Great pattern choice, kristin. Hope you like it!