Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DECEMBER: Teriney's Square

Okay. I have had a ton of fun working on each of your squares and enjoyed learning a few new things this year. With it being December and my month and me feeling a little overwhelmed with my sewing 'to do' list, I decided to keep it simple. Plus I really do like simple (Like this!). I am sending each of you:
1 15x15 piece of white fabric with a 12'' circle drawn in pencil on the fabric
1 petal applique pattern

Here is what you do:

Admire circle ;)

Cut out 6 petals in fabric of your choice...mostly...I really want the finished quilt to be 'light' & Fun! Please make sure each print includes white, cream or another 'light' color in addition to other colors (see petals in this post). Please use small to medium sized prints. And lastly, please no solid colored fabric.

(template) Iron each petal flat.
(Example of Fabric)
Place petals around inside of circle, tip to tip.

Glue down each petal.

Applique each petal. Please use a zig zag stitch & white thread.

Done in no time flat leaving you time to enjoy: pinterest, hulu (here is one of my favorites) or facebook!

Here are some finished ones.

xoxo Teriney

Thanks again lady friends!


  1. Perfect! Can't wait to start it!

  2. so cute, teriney! it was a lot of fun to make!

  3. Thank you for keeping it simple, yet very cute and very YOU.

  4. any preferences on placing the petals, like start at the top? or just whatever you like?

  5. Thanks for the great tutorial - something I am not so great at - it looks so easy and fun...