Sunday, August 31, 2014

september- scrapbuster block!

When I saw this block at I fell in love and couldn't get it off my mind so that's why I chose it.  Thank you for helping me with my quilt!
It's an easy block, just lots of little squares!!  (I'll be sending some fabric in the mail.)

Here's what you'll need:
3.5" center square, kona white (provided)    *see note below
16--1.5" colorful squares for the first colorful border (at least 16 colorful squares are provided for you to scatter throughout the block)
1.5" strips of kona white for the first white border
32--1.5" colorful squares for the second colorful border
2.5 to 3" strip of kona white for the second white border (you just want to make sure the final block measures 12 to 12.5" unfinished
PLEASE no purple or red fabrics. :)
Sew together the following sets of colorful squares using a 1/4" seam allowance:
2 strips 3 squares long
2 strips 5 squares log
2 strips 7 squares long
2 strips 9 squares long

1.  Sew 2 strips of 3 squares along each side of the big white square.  Iron toward the dark fabrics.
2.  Sew 2 strips of 5 squares along the opposite sides of the square.  Iron toward the dark fabrics.
*NOTE:  After I had sewn my little squares together I realized I had to trim my 3.5" square down to 3.25" to make it work.  Makes me wonder if my 1/4-inch quilting foot is really 1/4-inch!  If you need to do the same, go for it.

3.  Add borders of white 1.5" strips of kona fabric along the sides of the square.  Trim.  Iron toward the kona white.  Add borders of white 1.5" strips along the top and bottom of the square.  Trim.  Iron toward the kona white.

4.  Sew strips of  7 squares along the sides of the square.  Iron toward the dark fabrics.
5.  Sew strips of 9 squares along the top and bottom of the square.  Iron toward the dark fabrics.
At this point my square was 8 1/2 inches which is different from the pattern I was following online.  No problem!  All I really care about is that the finished block is 12 to 12.5" unfinished.  You can adjust the width of the final white border to achieve that.

6.  Sew strips of kona white to the square sewing the sides first then iron and trim.  Sew the top and bottom.  Iron and trim.


Thursday, August 28, 2014


These were fun! I hope you approve of these fabric choices. I'll include more triangles, I know you need extra for a queen sized masterpiece!
Love and miss!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

12 Squared Sampler Quilt from 2012 Blocks

I just got my sampler back from the quilter and I'm so happy it's done!
I've never used a professional quilter before, as I'm kind of a stitch in the ditch sorta gal, but I have to say I'm loving how smooth and straight the layers are and how EASY it is to have someone with a long arm do the dirty work.

This quilt is made up of all the block patterns chosen in 2012. 
Apparently, I have a lot of red and blue fabric.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Missing Corners for Teriney

Our Primary colors are 1-2-3, Red, Yellow, and Blue.
Each one has a message for you and me, each has a symbol true.
Here you are, T-Money.  Hope your little man will enjoy his new quilt.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

August PSA

I hope Holly won't mind me posting a little update for her.  Since it has been a crazier than normal summer for some of us, Holly has graciously gifted the month of August as an extra catch up month and won't be posting a block for us to do.  Thanks, Holly!  And here's to getting all caught up as fall and school and routine roll in over the next couple of weeks.  Cheers!


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

july's square with missing corners

This was a GREAT block and super easy.  So quick and easy I felt I should make another!  I hope you like them.