Monday, November 24, 2014

patriotic star for mardie

You almost made it too easy for us, Mardie!  It was fun to make and I had "You're a Grand Old Flag" playing in my mind.  It's going in the mail TODAY!
Below is a super quick baby quilt I made for a friend with fabrics I had on hand.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Beautiful blocks for beautiful ladies

Okay, first I have to say that joining this quilting club/bee/group was the most fun thing I have done for myself in a long time.  Not even considering the fun of learning new blocks, or having a "reason" to add to my stash, the joy of getting something so lovely as a pile of fabric in the mail is such a wonderful addition to a normal, blah day.  So when Mardie's envelope arrived with all the fabric for her patriotic star, it was just the inspiration I needed to set aside my cleaning and get cozy with my machine.  But I felt guilty working on her block, when I still needed to finish two other blocks, so I worked on them in order, even if they were technically all completed on the same day! :)

First up is Cami's fun, scrappy block.  I really love how the craziness of all the different fabrics is toned down by the borders of white.  True, completely scrappy quilts are too much for me, but I love, love, love the look of this, and have now decided to make one for myself.  Someday, you know, when I finished all the other half-done quilts in my closet.  Ahem.

Next up was the delightfully uncomplicated modern cross for Kristin.  It went together so quickly, I made two.
And of course, I HAD to make it in Switzerland colors! :)
Finally, the beautiful patriotic star for Mardie.  This was just tricky enough that I had to pull out some stitches.  Apparently, relying on my memory for which way the stripes were supposed to go was a bad call. I kept the tutorial up on my computer, right next to my sewing machine after that.  And everything went together perfectly.  I wish we could sew the other blocks as well, just so I could learn something new.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Patriotic "Twin Stars" for Mardie

I have been wanting to have a patriotic themed quilt. 
With a supply of red, white and blue chosen to make into stars, I am ready!

First of all, I will be sending you ALL of the fabric that you will need. (2 1/2" strips or squares.)
The final square is 8 /2" to 9". Please do not trim it.
ALL seams are 1/4". Some seams are pressed to the dark, some pressed open.

Here are the two squares that will make up the quilt. You can see how the blues will work with the reds.

We will be stitching the square on the LEFT: THE STAR!

Your packet of fabric contains the following:
2  2 1/2" squares of blue and white stripe
2  2 1/2" squares of blue and white floral
1 strip of 2 1/2" wide cream
1 strip (or squares) of 2 1/2" Red floral
1 strip (or squares) of 2 1/2" Blue paisley

A. Sew four patch unit:
You will need TWO blue & white striped 2 1/2" squares and TWO blue & white floral 2 1/2" squares.
Sew squares and press to the dark blue. Then sew rectangles and press seam open.


B. Sew 4 sets of flying geese:
Cut the cream strip of fabric into Four  4 1/2" X 2 1/2" rectangles.
You will need Eight 2 1/2" squares of the blue paisley.
Draw a line from corner to corner of the blue paisley squares.
Place 1 blue square in the corner of the cream rectangle. Sew on the drawn line.
Press to the dark. Trim 1/4". Press again.

Place the second blue paisley square in the opposite corner of the cream rectangle.
Sew, press and trim as before.


C. Assembling the star:
You will need Four 2 1/2" squares of the red with flowers fabric.
Sew the Red squares  to the left and right ends of the top flying geese piece. Then TWO to the bottom flying geese.


 Sew the three sections together. Press seams open. 

 Ta Da!

Just in time for a patriotic Christmas!

Hope you enjoy this.
Thanks, Mardie

Thursday, November 6, 2014

modern crosses for Kristin

Here are some crosses for you, Kristin.  So fun!


Kristin's Modern Cross

You were right, Kristin. This was quick and easy. I think your quilt will turn out great!

 Here is my Thanksgiving pillow. I LOVE this Spider Web square!
Next... Christmas?

 I will have the November tutorial soon. I have struggled with it.  
(hmmm, maybe it would be done if I weren't making pillows?)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

any more out there?

Hello Polaroid Swappers!
Many of us have received some really fun squares from becca, emily, liz, mardie and me.  We'd love to know if we can expect any more.  Below you'll see a list of the gals who said they'd like to participate when we first started.  Melissa is not in our group but saw our blog and wanted to participate.  I will see if I can contact her directly.  If you could let us know if you're squares will be coming that'd be great!  Thanks!!