Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm sorry

I really am ladies.  I am sorry I have not completed Teriny, Sarah and now Liz's square.  I hate being late and am usually very deadline oriented.  That being said, I am just swamped.  We have been terribly busy setting up shop here in Denver.  It's all going well, but still it's an awful lot of work (as I know many of you who have moved long distances know).  We've also embarked on a bit of homeschooling (K12) of our oldest since school here started so soon after we moved here.  He will probably enter our neighborhood school by October, but that is keeping me nice and crazy.  My biggest hindrance is that the spare room (a.k.a. the sewing room) is sort of like the room of requirement (in the room of hidden things incarnation) right now.  And what with so much going on generally my time to attack the spare room to even make room for any sewing is short.  I really am hoping to get things squared away and be all caught up soon.  But I do feel bad and had to post that I do realize how behind I am and I am trying to rectify it.

All of your work is beautiful and inspiring and I hope to give all of you a square you love.

Thank you so so much for your patience! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

For Liz Love, Jen

Dear Liz,

This square made me feel like a true quilter.
It took me a few hours to finish putting it together.
I really went out of my way to find fabrics you would like.
In the end, I felt it to be very Liz-worthy.

Love ya,


Monday, August 20, 2012

A New Baby Boy for the Tobler Clan

Announcing Clark Tyler Curtis
Born to Grace (Tobler) and Jason Curtis
6lb 12oz
Sunday August 19, 2012

That makes 12 for the Toblers! The proud grandma is in Idaho helping out.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


As usual the color in this photograph is a little off. I hope you like it.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

half square triangles for my mom

It's my mom's month at her other quilting bee.  She's going to make a lovely quilt out of half square triangles with this moda line that seriously looks like her house! A quilt that I'm sure the grandkids will quickly commandeer and make their own! 
I got to make a square for her quilt too! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Late Cones

So sorry this took me so long. I have been in a little bit of a sewing funk! But I am back!

I love the little red toe on the edge...oh my funny boy!

Friday, August 10, 2012

be-lated cones

i sent this block off about a week ago, and here is the only picture i took.
sorry the quality is so poor, it's an instagram. 

hopefully you like the fabric choices, sarah!

it should arrive any day~

p.s. Liz, i just got your fabric yesterday. i can't wait to started!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

for Liz

here's my square for Liz!


Sorry the picture is blurry.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

inverted star

This was a great square to make.  Sorry I couldn't wait for the fabric or swatches.  I may just have to make another one. : )  Hope it's to your liking!

The Almost Stringy Selvage Spools

Here's the block we ALMOST made for this month.  I hope you don't hate me for choosing the other one! :)
Here's my inspiration. 
 source: fresh lemon moments
 source: a little biased

I wrote a whole tutorial for these, so if you want to make one, let me know! ;)
 Here are the two (blurry) blocks I've made so far.  

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August: The Inverted Star

Hi ladies! It's August! I'm so excited! Fall is around the corner (right??) and school is starting (wahoo!!) and it's my month on 12squared!!!

I saw this on the common threads blog, and on Pinterest last week. (I downloaded a pdf file from that outlines the same steps that I'll put here!)  After making a whole tutorial for another block (it wasn't meant to be!), I realized I loved this one so much more!  And we desperately need a new quilt for our bed, so here we go!!
I will send you a fat eighth of kona white and a few color scraps to help with choosing colors.  (They are in the mail!)
From the white, you will need to cut:
(1) 4.5" square
(4) 2.5" squares
(12) 3" squares

I promise you can get all your squares from this piece.  I made a diagram if you need some help. This is how I cut it.  I started with the 4.5"square on the right and worked my way left. 
Then cut the (12) 3" squares down the diagonal to form 24 triangles.

Next, you will need red and blue scraps of at least 3" square size.  I am sending paint chips to give you an idea of what colors I'm looking for.  As you can see some of these have green leaves or pink accents.  That's okay. But when you squint looking at the fabric, I want you to see red or blue! :) You can see below some of the designs I like: polka dots, checks, geometrics, contemporary florals, etc.  are fabulous! 
From the printed fabric, cut
(4) 2.5" squares
(12) 3" squares

Again, cut the (12) 3" squares down the diagonal to create 24 triangles.
 Now lay out your squares and triangles.  Following this design for whites and colored triangles, you can lay out your colors however you think looks best (for example, you don't HAVE to have the reds where I put my reds and the blues where I put my blues-that's just how I liked mine) Start with the 4.5" white square.  Put a colored square at each corner.  Next lay out your triangles, and work outward.  Take a picture with your phone or camera so you can come back to know where things go.  Believe me, you'll look back at it often! :)

 Each colored triangle is adjacent to a white triangle.  You will start by connecting each colored triangle along the hypotenuse (the long side) to a white triangle.  
 Sew right sides together along the hypotenuse. I recommend chaining as you sew these and just keep sewing them and trim the strings at the end. It saves so much time! 

Be gentle with these little pieces as you sew down the diagonal, as you will be sewing along the bias and you don't want it to stretch and warp!
Press seams open. 

Here's the busy work.  To reduce bulk, trim the corners edges so they are square again.
Next square up each square back to 2.5".  When you're putting together your squares, you'll be so glad you did, and I will be ever so grateful!!
 thank you
 As I trimmed, I also put like colors together-it made laying it out again so much easier!
 Lay out your squares again.  Next we'll start creating rectangles.  
Start joining squares together to create two square rectangles. Match seams where applicable.
 Press seams open.
 Now join rectangles so that you end up with nine 4.5" squares.

Press seams open.  
 Now we have nine larger squares.  
Join squares together by rows, matching seams.  
Press seams. 
Join your three rows for one larger square. You're done! Do not trim edges or square up at the end.  I'll do that.
 Look at all those lovely seams. Again, thank you for your busy work!!

 But she's so pretty! And I'm so excited for my bright and lovely quilt!!