Sunday, July 31, 2011

If anyone wants to experience a New England autumn, 
my little apartment is officially open for visitors.
I have found a few spots that would be perfect for our love of quilts & sewing...

If this place had been open when we were there for the Folk Festival, I would have gone in.
But I did speak to a lovely woman who works there and she said it was full of quilts from every decade,
including some "modern quilts that someone my age would enjoy."
It's slim-pickings for fabric stores up here.
This makes me spend more time online buying fabric & to rationalize that the things available at JoAnns are cuter than they really are.
But there is a fabric shop in Nobleboro, Maine that has converted an old barn into a fabric 'heaven'. 
I have been told it's worth the drive.
You better believe it's on my list of things to check out.

I wish I had more to offer but that's about it from up here.
Happy sewing friends!

Love, Jennie

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I loved doing your square.
There is a scrap from Becca's square and a scrap from my square in it.
It made it seem extra special to me.
Don't be surprised if I copy your quilt.


Pennies from Heaven: Just don't count them too closely

Apparently, my measuring skills and sewing-in-a-straight line skills are not as honed as they should be.  The fist time I made the square, I accidentally trimmed it to 12" instead of 13".  I tried to reuse the khaki as best I could... seeing that I'd serged it!  But at least this square should be big enough.  Sorry, Emily!  I'm hoping that once it is sewn together with the other squares, you won't notice my slanting seams! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Better late than never, right Becca?

I took a trip to visit my sister in North Carolina and found an absolutely fabulous quilting store. Makes me want to pack up and move there; yes, it was that good. I found a yellow piece that finally helped me finish my square (oh, and I also got a 28-day course of antibiotics that helped me get out of bed and actually be able to move :). So Becca, it's on its way!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Scrappy Star

It's my mom's month over at Trading Pieces! She's making scrappy stars, and ultimately she's going to need 25 stars, so I made one to add to her pile. It was a lot easier than I thought to make the crazy center!

I can't wait to see when she gets all of them!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I have finally unpacked enough that there are surfaces large enough to cut and sew from.
I am sorry that these are very, very late--
but I have enclosed goodies to make up for it.

Em- I have found my scrap tub (after being without it for a whole year!) and everything is ready for yours to be put together tonight.

Thanks friends!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

coins for Emily!

I'm taking advantage of my Mom's Trading Pieces get together tonight!

I picked some of my very favorites-stole a scrap or two from my Mom, and snagged a piece from Lara M. as well! I hope you like it!

sister love

i made this quilt for my sister, who turned 31 last week. the fabric is Moda Arcadia and the pattern is from little miss shabby. I just love the faux piping binding done by machine! I hope she likes it!

Also, I made two more offset stacked coin squares and thought I'd share them...

have a great day!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Not completely slacking

Dear Becca,
So the date is 13 July and you're probably thinking, hm, why haven't I received my yellow bottled rainbow square for June yet? I promise you I have very good reasons... Here they are:
vacation + supposed Lyme disease = lots of bed time and not a lot of quilting time. Yes, the Dr. thinks I have Lyme disease which would explain the 5-day 103-104 degree fever I had that worked me over and forced me to bed for an entire week. I'm now recovering and your square is now calling my name. It's all cut out but no one managed to finish it up for me while I was in bed.

It's coming your way Emily!

Hope you like it!
(now I just need to find time to update my own blog...someday)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Do these belong to you?

Mom has had a pair of glasses hanging around her house for a month or so. It occurred to her that they might have been left behind after our sewing night.

Any takers?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Navy Blue

Holly's square for Bottled Rainbows.

JULY - offset stacked coins

Emilee and I are switching months because she's out of town and very busy this month.
I am sending each of you some khaki solid fabric as the background for your square (going out today). In the meantime, feel free to start gathering 12 of your favorite fabrics. You will need twelve 1.5" strips in varying lengths (3"-9"). I will include the tutorial in your envelope.

As you can see, I like bright colors and modern/retro prints. But I want your personality to come thru in the fabrics you choose. Your fabrics don't need to coordinate (it's better if they don't). And it's okay if you pick some of the same fabric I did. All the squares will stack in columns without sashing. This quilt was the inspiration for my square:

photo credit

Have fun!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Green...two in one day!

Wow - two posts in less than 24 hours - this is a milestone for me! Hope this is ok Becca - thanks for the Monkeys favorite piece.

Finally Done!

This little spider web is finally done! I had fun putting this together - again forgive me for it taking sooo long - I should be back on track with life now! We hope ...Becca - I will bring yours to the 4th of July breakfast if you are going to be there...This spiderweb is going in the mail today!